why Galalite is different

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Galalite is well-established leaders of Cinema Screen Technology since 1959.  We are known to be helping Cinema Owners to create a breathtaking movie viewing experience for the audience. It's been an incredible journey of 60 years where the vision has not just expanded in India but also in European countries with the help of our [...]

Types of movies you should always watch in the theatres

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Are you the type of person who jumps on the first-day-first-show of any movie in the theatres, or you wait for the reviews and then decide whether you should watch it in the theatres or not?  When you choose to watch a movie in the theatre, you are committing yourself to 2-3 hours of that [...]

Is it normal to visit cinemas in the ‘New normal’?

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Breathing through masks, constantly using sanitizers, stuck at home, working from home, could not hang out with our friends, couldn't sit and chill at the cafes, Couldn't watch movies in the cinema halls, everything was traumatic. It was like a nightmare and the most hurtful, we were not able to watch movies in the cinema [...]

Why does India need more film festivals and Feature film screenings ?

By |2020-11-28T07:25:21+00:00November 27th, 2020|Blogs|

And they lived happily ever after.... Oh, The times have changed. People have understood that there is no happily ever after, and they do not want to see that in the typical Bollywood & Hollywood movies. The perspectives have changed, people have changed and the expectations from the films have also changed quite massively. Nowadays [...]

Top 7 must-watch unique movies that will oddly satisfy your hunger for creativity

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Top 7 must-watch unique movies that will oddly satisfy your hunger for creativity.  "Our society does not approve of our love. Will live together or will die together" he said, and they shot each other. Now, the fact is,  There could be a movie based on other topics rather than a rich girl falling [...]

4 crucial reasons to watch horror movies in 3D to experience the ‘spine-chilling’ thrill

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4 crucial reasons to watch horror movies in 3D to experience the 'spine-chilling' thrill It was late at night. Drenched in the rain they were shivering under the roof of an old, dingy bungalow. They both had no option as their car was out of gas. Her battery was dead and his cell had [...]

The changing times for Cinema

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In these unforeseen circumstances, the usual way of life is undergoing gradual change and new norms and protocols are being established to ensure safety. According to research and statistics, the cinema industry across the globe has faced billions of dollars of loss. As cinema theatres plan to reopen their doors around the world, their [...]

6 Great Movies you can watch online that you may have missed on cinema screens.

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With the cinemas shut all around the world, due to the pandemic outbreak. Film studios found a new platform to showcase their recent movies. Increase in online time and people stuck at home to follow the safety measures. Audiences enjoy movies which were released in cinema theatres on the various available online platforms. Until cinemas [...]

Why Cinema Industry will keep exciting us post Covid 19

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Like many other sectors, the cinema industry is one of the many who is facing a huge impact currently due to the COVID-19 outbreak worldwide. Analysts estimate the virus has already cost the global box office as much as $5 billion, mainly due to theatre closures worldwide. Some latest movies are seeing digital releases and [...]


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Leaders in cinema screen technologies, Galalite, recently unveiled their marketing campaign for the year 2020. Ever since the company’s inception, Galalite has projected itself as leaders of innovation, and year after year the company has introduced never-before-thought-about marketing campaigns that stay true to this notion. Why should this year be any different?   The campaign headline [...]

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